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GT BMW luxury cars changed hands more than a thousand kilometers of second-hand

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"Two days ago there is a boss of Huangshan, engage in coal mines. 4S shop to buy a BMW just GT535, it opened more than 1,000 kilometers, not

to pay additional tax, license plate did not, directly open to us here resell out. what the original

By? Mine is not good because the car ran ran, he thought it was time to buy SUV. Nearly one million cars, nearly new, so a changed hands,

lost more than 10 million also. "

"Had to make a pharmaceutical agent, bought a 2007 Mercedes-Benz S350. Until now for 3 years, less than 5,000 km away. Now that house too

many cars and no place to stop, and bring them up to sell."

"The most exaggerated Xuancheng is a person, that there are a Toyota RAV4, bought only 5 months, wanted to sell. See that we have here, BMW

M3, suddenly liked to make up the difference immediately drove off. Open the road to Mogan

The Booming 4S shop, and changed my mind, that is quite like the SUV, and then replaced in the 4S shop the M3 into X5. "... ...

Motor City in the summer in the used car market, the presence of the more than 200 large and small business operators. Last weekend, a

reporter at the Hangzhou Motor City used-car market in the shopping stroll, asked to be a lot of such stories.

Second-hand car market is 10% of prospective new car

Young boss used car business for 7 years, as popular, all right around the colleagues here like to chat with him. Do used-car business, he

said, the most important condition is well-informed, just before he heard

A message: There are cars people bought in May this year, the Excelle, before doing the first over, now changed hands. "Now the car on the

market, plenty of good cars. We all like a good vehicle condition, year, short drive, as soon

Re-sold, our pressure is relatively small. "

With the growth of the automotive market the past two years, second-hand car market has soared, with many changes. Like the former second-

hand automobile market youngest: Santana, Jetta, Citroen, has become a growing trend micro groups, City

Wide variety of used cars into the field. From QQ to the Hummer, all 4S shops selling the car, to find almost all second-hand car market, and

their vehicle age, are becoming increasingly short.

"Now the second-hand automobile market, at least 10% of all new vehicles." Mao pointed to his boss, two parked cars covered Elantra said.

Indeed, the two cars look and a new car Meiliang Yang, windows mileage on the vehicle in the table says

: 3,000 km. Mao said his boss in the end of the main business models, new car in this market, buying and selling are relatively easy.

It is this wave of popular new cars in the high-end models, the look even worse. He bosses the dawn of second-hand car dealers operating in

the market, there are three points, each point is not parked Mercedes-Benz, BMW, is the Land Rover, Porsche. He

Said that a month out of the car in his hand no less than 60, while the proportion of new cars accounted for 40%.

And Yang boss, bosses, like hair, they say the new car, not just 4S shop, "freshly baked" in the car, but its age, short, or only open less

than 1 million km of car. The loss of these cars is very small, almost new

Car is no different, so the industry was known as the "new car."

It was a year for three-four vehicles

What the boss told us to do them this line, there will be a lot of old customers. Some successful people, rich second generation, like to

play cars a year for three-four vehicles are common. "On a 1-month sell used Audi R8 for Ferrari

430 thing too much. I just received a car opened more than 1,000 kilometers of Cayenne, 98 million cars, 70 million this got left out. Those

bosses are all very rich, do not care. "

The consumption tax hike and other reasons, sometimes to buy a used luxury car can even earn a fortune. Buy a used Land Rover in 2007, opened

two years later, because the new prices, the price of the car is also not

Out, is equal to two years in vain to open.

It is understood that the basis used car pricing, in addition to vehicle speed, the biggest one is the car's market value. At present, the

prices of some models, the fare increase, naturally, to the corresponding second-hand car prices have been rising. A used car,

Opened a few months, then buy the original sales price, the high-end models this is entirely possible.

With the way now more and more owners selling cars, second hand car market has become more and more transparency. If you want to resell the

car at hand can be a first 4S store valuation. And this link, greatly reducing vehicle

We offer business casual. A good car to market, often there are many car dealers are rushing to buy, and the "highest bidder" is the only

criteria. Competition makes the most of car dealers have turned their eyes even in the high-end

Luxury models, because the car changed hands quickly, the risk is small, and earn more.

9 years of doing business in the House, used car owner to feel good to do business now: "9 years ago, only nine stores in Hangzhou, used car

business. We spent 9,000 yuan revenue minibuses, one sold in 6000 to earn . now fully

To die, not more than ten million cars, have not dared to receive, and received not sell. "This is a lot of used car dealers the reason he

moved to second-hand luxury cars.

What the boss gave us the calculations: Rent a BMW 730, even if you only charge 300 yuan a day rent also have a hundred thousand dollars a

year down. Buy a new BMW, opened a year change hands, at least 150,000 yuan value plunges. Can be as

Fruit is to buy a used BMW, opened a year and then changed hands, at most, three to five million of depreciation. Therefore, second-hand car

market in Hangzhou is now more and more smart luxury, it is not difficult to understand.

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