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Na Guigong road when sclerotic?

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  • Na Guigong road when sclerotic?
  • Origin: Publication of yellow hill morning releases time: 2008-9-5 17:58:41

  • On August 19, net name is " the blaze of the sea " the netizen links line platform inquiry through this print QQ: Cease does the pond austral orchid cropland town reach peaceful county expensive yuan highway when can complete be open to traffic? Why this road did several years or such? Current, the hill excavate of road both sides, the bumpy on the road, piece travel is very dangerous.

    On August 22, cease peaceful county Lan Tian presses down a government to express about chief, at present the roadbed project of this paragraph of road already be well versed in, agricultural the car with car and car some taller batholith is already OK and current. Nevertheless, the road surface sclerosis of this paragraph of road is versed in Cheng was not carried out really, because roadbed just fosters cordial relations between states,this basically is, not stable still, need undertakes sclerosis again after roadbed is stable, accessary project also will be carried out in the synchronism when sclerosis. At present this project has included the village that visit a village to open a project, action bid the project also has been finished. The masses of hope place gives understanding.

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