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One especially big gang of flying car loot is captured

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  • One especially big gang of flying car loot is captured
  • Origin: Publication of yellow hill morning releases time: 2008-9-5 17:57:52

  • Yao Dacheng of reporter of morning publication dispatch reports hand for you a piece of map " guide bring " , 2 people become group of flying car loot to contain the person of golden jewelry. Recently, mechanism of our city public security destroys an ab extra flee hither and thither successfully to fly technically the gang of car loot, arrest gang crime suspect 7, uncover case of flying car loot several.

    On June 22 in the morning 8 when make, citizen Yu Mou from collect road of brook bank river from on the west eastwards, when the city zone of downtown of by way of installs big bridge north newly to carry the bridge to fall, 2 men multiply an autocycle to go out from its back change together, copy a hand to reave on its neck one to make an appointment with the golden necklace of 15 grams again. It is reported, this year since June, brook of our city collect, inhaling county, cease peace and and other places of badge state division produce case of loot of much takeoff car continuously, policeman of group of punishment make one's rounds is passed investigate, preliminary control this kinds of case is place of same crime gang is. On June 25, of the Chongqing person Song Mou that policeman discovery already saved Wu Ning to be captured in Jiangxi commit the crime method, with likeness of this series case. Accordingly, inhaling county, cease police of peaceful and other places is investigated at once, and on July 3, seize guilty suspect Lu Mou and Jiang Mou in Fujian spring city. In be informed this gang to still have a member already after flee hither and thither commits the crime to Anhui Bo city, the policeman chases Bo city again, seize Zhang Mou, Wang Mou. On August 2, guilty suspect Ceng Mou and Pu Mou also are captured in succession. Additional all, suspect of this partner crime commits the crime the little place such as choice county, consign autocycle place beforehand, 2 people are become group dog by bike the person that contains golden jewelry. In loot, they unexpectedly can a golden jewelry true and false that differentiates a body of the person that adorn to go up, after be being grabbed, deposit the car in place, choose good the next to commit the crime loot of insanity of object succeed add. And arrived April from this year case hair, the city county that they control 38 times in the province such as Anhui, another name for Jiangxi Province, Hunan, Fujian commits the crime continuously, because the time is much, region is vast, guilty suspect unexpectedly a piece of map makes hand " guide bring " .
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