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Network of yellow hill car - violate the rules and regulations of car of yellow hill of information of Huang Shan car inquires Focus of home page information is secondhand guide buy car of businessman violate the rules and regulations to be in charge of policeman things to be sure network of car of yellow hill of network of car of yellow hill of forum of sweet car member lives phone of the first portal: 0559-2533633 car friendly QQ group: 41153517
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  • Masses care • autumn raise " god " activity of service special performance, will be in 16-28 day undertook in September 2008.
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  • ■ mobile content: One, decathlon detects freely: Lamplight illume apply the brake dish / make electrical system of rotor horn traffic diagnose tire of of accumulator hand brake oneself (include spare wheel) door / bonnet / bottom of automobile body of system of boot lock brake checks 2, indulgence sales promotion: Every send amount of cost of raw materials 100 yuan completely 20 yuan touch content of the activity that use certificate to hold a part formerly: 1, brake fluid 2, make rotor 3, horn 4, antifreeze (be restricted only northeast area) 5, chassis prevents fender 6, storage battery installs accessory formerly: 7, the car uses infant safety seat 8, GPS navigator 9, intelligent rearview mirror 10, Che Zaila tooth 3, overflow changes buy: Mobile content high-quality goods: 1, short sleeve / long sleeve T-shirt (cost price 128/158) 2, shirt / athletic jacket (cost price 185 ~ 299 yuan) former outfit spare parts: 1, lighting group A (cost price 37.44 yuan) 2, lighting group B (cost price 32.76 yuan) ◇ pays cost amount to deduct favourable sales promotion that day the part outside, more than 300 yuan of above criterion but optional change buy ◇ every user is daily every sheet can press formulary overflow to change at most buy an a replacement / sales promotion of accessory ◇ indulgence and overflow change buy can enjoy at the same time ■ service object: User of brand of VW of car of masses of our region Shanghai. Connect a telephone call: Masses of yellow hill of 2343777 2156355 on September 10, 2008 <

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