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New season Lai Deng enters yellow Shanyaxia

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Network of yellow hill car - violate the rules and regulations of car of yellow hill of information of Huang Shan car inquires Focus of home page information is secondhand guide buy car of businessman violate the rules and regulations to be in charge of policeman things to be sure network of car of yellow hill of network of car of yellow hill of forum of sweet car member lives phone of the first portal: 0559-2533633 car friendly QQ group: 41153517
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  • New season Lai Deng enters yellow Shanyaxia
  • Origin: Network of car of yellow hill city releases time: 2008-7-15 17:03:31

  • On July 13, day produces yellow Shanyaxia assemble of the poll inside the exhibition hall is moved, lively and uncommon, expect long already new sounds of nature met with Huang Shan's Cheyou eventually, although be pawn of intense heat of summer, but this a bit did not drop the enthusiasm that the client is permeated with. In threes and fours, or invite on friend, or the family on the belt, will see new car elegant demeanour be fast. One overturns of associate with drive to private room -- come because of you, the actor raise life of future of a kind of go ahead of the rest -- be not you to not be belonged to, new generation NISSAN soundses of nature -- invite you to be enjoyed first for honour! "Sounds of nature, ducal " : "Jump over because of Yue, open honour still life! " "Sounds of nature, ducal " : "Close water tower was occupied by you, should pat this Modle some more beautiful! " "Sounds of nature, ducal " : "Haw? So much person is looking me " P " ministry, that curve, that beauty! " "Sounds of nature, ducal " : "Handsome young man, see me, see me again, confuse you! " "Sounds of nature, ducal " : "See not, they come to me. " "Sounds of nature, ducal " : "This is my new host, he looks to wanted what to say below... " we understand then from Mr Wang bought a car to give decorate not only that day, and still gift gives, he chooses the reason of this car to have 3: Technology and comfortable syncretic, hold had accused item oil, in inferior summer buy a car, public praise is pretty good, carry out hind is at ease. It is reported, this favourable policy of the activity can last some of time, specific as follows: Whole set of new sounds of nature of time of activity of model privilege policy gives month of ~8 of this day of 1000 yuan of decorate 8 days to black horse amount to highest privilege month of ~8 of 15000 yuan of this day month of ~8 of this day of of 8 days of Xuan Yi contacts month of ~8 of this day of of 8 days of Yi Da 8 days means: 0559-2359188 (collect brook old station is inclined on) because Huang Shan area is not large, the market is lesser, all sorts of pertinent information, service fares badly, literary manager expresses yellow Shanyaxiama, will develop such activity more henceforth, let a client can see the car that wants to look in oneself doorway, before emphasizing will catching good carry out henceforth, carry out medium, after service while, also can increase strength, perfect hardware establishment quickly, true elimination buys the trouble back at home of car client! Editor: Qiao Fei
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