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Before the our city 5 months enter a car newly 2998

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  • Before the our city 5 months enter a car newly 2998
  • Origin: Publication of yellow hill morning releases time: 2008-6-29 12:24:19

  • Cheng Xiangyang of reporter of morning publication dispatch reports a reporter to learn from place of city registration of vehicles for you, came this year in January in May, the our city does card newly to enter door car 2998, among them illicit home car 1712, platoon quantity is in 0.8, the car of 1.6L is 1461, near 50% what hold total car number. This group of data show, our city car retains the volume still is rising considerably, among them amplitude of amount of illicit home car is apparent, compare 2007 1095 of the corresponding period, amplitude is close 60% , and compare 2005 403 of the corresponding period, amplitude is as high as 300% above. The citizen chooses to go up in car platoon quantity criterion more and more quantity of tendency low platoon.

    Go up to increase photograph comparing of card door considerably with the car, a few car distributors of our city are done not have however so hopeful. Manager of some car distributors discloses, suffer oil price effect, the car this year sells serious suffer a setback, compare sale of the corresponding period dropped last year 20% above. The person that why buys a car is much, did car sale drop however? Original, suffer a car to popularize an influence, the enterprise of car of our city sale is increasing. According to city the accumulative total number of statistic of industrial and commercial bureau shows, up to now, the our city is mutual pure the company that becomes car trade 29, only central the city zone has 21, and this still does not include what size holds battalion car concurrently hundreds of times " medicinal powder door " . Some car sells company business controller to say: "Car sale company is increasing, everybody should divide this cup of a thick soup, individual sale nature dropped. " meanwhile, the reporter still understands, although the rolled steel on the market rises in price now, benzine rises in price, but the car did not rise in price however, some brands car still appeared to depreciate or covert depreciate (sales promotion) case. This also explains, widen stage by stage as car market, sell the ceaseless saturation of the enterprise, the competition that the car sells also will more and more intense.
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