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China wins even if I win

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  • China wins even if I win
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  • Male: Do you know to medal of a few gold nugget you can win of ping-pong team? Female: Do you know Liu Xiang still can take gold? Male: Do you know combination of Yao Yi NBA can guide Chinese male basket to publish the fall of champion? Female: Fill in to Shanghai masses exhibition hall now lottery of guess of Olympic Games gold, army group of guess China Olympic Games gains the championship popular. Win take sheet second highest value buys vehicle fund 8888 yuan, act at once. Female: Ignite passion, olympic Games of boost the morale of, china wins even if I win. Male: The detail seeks advice from yellow hill of Shanghai masses car to sell telephone call of service limited company please: 2343666 enters activity of Olympic Games guess, win take highest 8888 yuan cash buys a car to touch with the paragraph! This day removes exhibition hall of agency of Huang Shan of consummate sea masses to attend China to win is I win an activity, cheer boost the morale of for army group of Chinese Olympic Games, namely the opportunity wins take multiple buy Che Dali, the detail calls 0559-2343666< please

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