Golf raises car cost to report

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Golf is the both sides that produced nearly 30 years classical car, it is the car department with maximum production of masses Motor Corporation, have pervade the 22 million user of world each district. Golf has very typical Germany color: Driving and concise and fluent appearance design, abundant power performance. But whether is the golf below powerful motive force the ace that husband gets along? Allow a car the upkeep costs that the editor of 168 guides everybody to understand golf deep.

The cost that use a car basically includes fuel danger of cost, car, maintain royalities of boat of cost of cost, maintain a road, car and halt the project such as fare. The fuel Fei Hewei that the article basically puts in difference between analytic car trims upkeep cost.

One. The fuel expenses of golf
Fuel expenses and platoon quantity are concerned, also be the car uses a car the most important in cost, the article with the family the most commonly used 1.6L golf is exemple undertake an analysis.
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