Abnormal knocking removes Rong Wei 750 change freely undercarriage of new-style

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Picture of broad quote of Rong Wei 750[] car advocate noticed, the problem of abnormal knocking of low speed brake that everybody pays close attention to all the time had had the kind that solve now -- recently, we the edition that honour flourish meets advocate the flight that stick the ground brought him to go 4s changes undercarriage of Buddhist templeput on the brakes piece newest exercise, let us pay close attention to together:

Car picture Car picture

Claver little talk, approach a theme continuously, today is to exchange stop a machine by cutting off the power piece, allow master workers rapidly small power power into workshop

Car picture Car picture

Above all, tire is picked. . . Oh, explain, this brake changes to just be aimed at system of front-wheel drive brake

Car picture Car picture

Excise the contains serious abnormal knocking old turn off a machine that come down piece... after excising small power power detail close-up

Car picture Car picture

Undercarriage of newcome Buddhist templeput on the brakes piece arrived to come rapidly a few pieces of close-up!

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