Satisfaction of Chinese car after service spent a rank to give heat 2007

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It is the car friend to be about to buy a car or the car that had bought a car no matter advocate for, after service all the time since it is the key that everybody pays close attention to, and recently, one comes from authority to investigate an orgnaization " satisfaction of Chinese car after service spends investigation report " come on stage, are each brand manufacturers in letting us read this report that comes from public opinion poll ranked after all how?

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Satisfaction of after service of 2007 China car spends survey to rank (full marks 1000 minutes)

The Shanghai that ranks the first place this is general the brand that fasten a gram has been the 3rd continue to hold a title the first; And the one steam Ao Di that cent obtained 23 last year and Beijing are contemporary part by Guangzhou this cropland and Shanghai masses place are replaced, be worth what carry is, with go up year of photograph comparing, this Guangzhou cropland and Shanghai masses are the brand with the oldest range of this rank promotion.

If we think carefully to be able to discover, the brand of buy of before ranking 3 fame and position is to pass augment to serve an item, promotion serves quality, the passivity that can change a service is active, offer for consumer " high level, human nature is changed " serve and obtain those who approbate.

And poor to this Nanjing with a row final rank inferior special brand, the author thinks its by achievement mat, be afraid is with on steam is bought south steam this one tremendous and objective those who change to Nanjing the card brings Feiyatepin is numerous and flabby calm element relationship is close.
Additional, notable is to go up the own brand that steam Rong Wei is before be being entered exclusively 10 ranks.

Summary: Besides the rank of each brands, delectable is the satisfaction after this industry whole makes work spends average level relatively go up year of promotion that had little scope, the whole of levels of each after service of brand car manufacturer that this reflected home undoubtedly promotes. But, we also should admit the value of such as maintenance that still exists in system of domestic after service at present is unreasonable, and the non-standard element such as the competition that do not have foreword, and dissolve these problems gradually only, the progress with automobile industry more healthy ability. Additional, the difference that expresses us to be able to discover domestic own brand and joint-stock brand and international brand to exist on after service at the same time through going up; And we should realize, in market competition of future, besides product oneself quality excellent outside, whether does after service reach the designated position, whether the key that gaining customer satisfaction will be victory and defeat greatly.
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