9 check the tricks of the trade of tire

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9 check the tricks of the trade of tire

The tire of the car includes spare, must check every months regularly. When the examination, want to observe whether tire surface has crack or cut at the same time. Still had better wear a glove to extend tire inside, whether does the examination have doubtful mark. Want to discover the particle with doubtful a bit only, want to ask a car to make detailed inspection all right instantly. Amiss tire is not hated to part with throw. If discover tire surface wear out condition is abnormal, should think of a likelihood the toe-int air officer of the wheel has a problem, want to repair.

1, outside side predestined relationship wears away
If the reason arranges travel direction to observe, in tire outside side predestined relationship has bigger wear away, demonstrative tire often is in aerate insufficient condition, namely pressure is insufficient.
Solve method to check tire pressure a few times more. Possible sentence, by " freeway " the standard aerates, compare normal level to add 30 thousand handkerchief more again namely. Moreover, average person thinks, since tire aerates,inadequacy is helpful for snow ground and sanded ground travel, go up in damp ground also but such. Notice, aerate insufficient tire special go against wet travel, the sex that seize the ground will be apparently abate.

2, gibbous reach moire shape to wear away
If the reason discovers two side of the part show tire touchdown gibbous wear away, and tire periphery also shows moire shape to wear away, the component such as the shock absorber that shows a car, bearing and globose shaft coupling wears away relatively serious.
Because change,settle way new tire cost is higher, suggest you are changing so before tire. The wear out condition that examines pensile system first, change wear away component. Otherwise, although change tire also of no help.

3, the surface wears away equably
Of reason tire wearing away equably is normal phenomenon. Its departmental metropolis has corresponding show. Once decorative pattern has been ground,work. Explain the life of tire already was used up. Must change, the effect that additionally decorative pattern still has seeper of road surface of divert oneself from loneliness or boredom, important segment that because this is,carries a car to catch ground sex.
Solve method to must not make tire figure by oneself. The standard deepness that if wear away,already amounted to tire decorative pattern (the tire that is more than 175 millimeter for 1.6 millimeter width normally is 2 millimeter) , be about to change. Of course, wear away degree can have a difference. But notice. Tire differs on same root axle wear away the difference must not exceed 5 millimeter.

4, inside tire " internal injury "
Reason car and good thing happen after colliding (bump in the) on shortcut edge for example. Or the oak sub that issues travel hind, tire in shrivelled embryo condition can have serious nick, affect sealed rate.
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