8 great attentions ensure the car does not suffer from " heart disease "

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8 great attentions ensure the car does not suffer from " heart disease "

Engine is the heart of the car, maintain the function of car of bad meeting influence and service life. Be far from to allow a car " heart disease " , expert to car a group of things with common features points out bring about car to suffer from " heart disease " 8 reasons.

Reason one: Do not maintain on schedule

Normally people always likes to changing mount to throw a lot of charge, but easy however negligence is done to engine on schedule maintain. Introduce according to operator of professional vehicle maintenance and repair, car maintains because of engine undesirable the trouble that cause takes total trouble 50% the left and right sides. "Visible engine maintains crucial to lengthening car service life to be able to rise action.

Reason 2: Engine oil is degenerative

In using a process with the lube of grade, oleaginous metropolis produces change. Car go is fair after course of development, performance can vary, may bring a variety of issues to engine. To avoid the happening of these breakdown, should combine use condition, change engine oil to the car regularly, make oil measures moderate, be restricted up and down with engine oil staff guage commonly between had better. Engine oil tells past the appointed time from the stoma of core of engine oil filter, it is the solid grain in oil and dope stockpile in filter. If filter jams, engine oil cannot be arranged when free passes filter core, can bilge to defeat filter core or open relief valve, pass from by-pass valve, still bring back dirty content lubricant place, make engine wear away accelerate, inner pollution is added get together. Because of core of filter of this engine oil it is likewise important to change regularly.
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Reason 3: Air filter core jams

The system taking energy of life of engine basically is mixed by air filter core two parts comprise intake duct. According to different use situation, want core of filter of fixed and clean air, spendable method has high-pressured air by in blow outwards, blow the dust in filter core. Because air filter core is paper quality, airy pressure should note when be being blown so cannot exorbitant, lest damage filter core. After air filter core is being cleaned 3 times commonly, should change new, it is OK to clean cycle the empty temperament of region is measured and decide by daily driver's compartment.

Reason 4: Path of air inlet duct is smudgy

If car often travel at dirt more, empty temperament measures wronger way besides area, should notice to clean path of air inlet duct, make sure those who take energy of life is expedite. Talk of air inlet duct is very serious to the regular job of engine, if path of air inlet duct is too dirty, meet those who bring about volumetric efficiency drop, make engine cannot run inside normal output power limits thereby, of aggravate engine wear away and ageing.
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