Why should combustion system do the car to maintain regularly?

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Accumulate carbolic formation
1.Air filters intake duct → of → of air cylinder of → of dust of not complete → , impurity is adherent accumulate
2.The → of high temperature of → of chamfer of annulus of piston of → of aeriform → greasy filth that contains impurity accumulates carbon
3.Fuel impurity → does not participate in → of combustion → remain to accumulate carbon
4.Engine stops drama of locomotive → temperature to fall spray orifice of → of miscellaneous bead of adsorption of → of drop of → remain oil accumulates carbon
Accumulate carbolic harm
1.Jam oil duct and oil pump mesh, cause for oil not free, quicken a spare parts to wear away, shorten service life
2.Reduce the sealing of air cylinder, pressure of loss air cylinder, make fuel combustion inadequate
3.Firebox accumulates carbon to form local heat, bring about explode shake, loss motivation
4.Atomizer accumulates carbon to cause pulverization undesirable, fuel is used up big; More serious is to be able to affect all sorts of sensor, attaint engine
5.Into gas manifold accumulating carbon is brought about into exhaust not smooth, combustion efficiency is low, reduce horse power

When car engine works, place generation can wait to accumulate carbon in chamfer of annulus of atomizer, sparkplug, valve, piston, the meeting that accumulate carbon causes firebox cubage to decrease, work efficiency drops, combustion is not complete, waste gas grow in quantity, ignition is undesirable, jam piston, pollute lubricant system then, expand to avoid a loss, avoid to heavy repair, reduce breakdown to pull lift up or let down with a rope, because this is right,need of motor fuel system undertakes be cleaninged regularly maintaining.
Inspect an item
Whether does ★ sparkplug accumulate carbolic ★ whether sparkplug burns caustic or unusual
Whether does ★ exhaust accord with environmental protection code
Clean firebox to accumulate carbolic benefit
1 engine turns repeatedly more suitable, climb slope stronger.
2 cleared firebox accumulate carbon, precaution explodes shake.
3 combustion efficiency is tall, horsepower increases, more the province is oily.
Clean the advantage of atomizer
1 stimulative engine turns repeatedly smooth, accumulate carbon not easily, combustion efficiency is tall, car more the province is oily.
2 cleared atomizer accumulate carbon, make benzine pulverization better, gasoline burns completely, regain horse power.
Clean the advantage of the manifold that take energy of life
1 clean those who enter gas manifold to accumulate carbon, let air enter smoother.
2 keep clear of to accumulate carbon into gas and exhaust valve, make the open of engine valve and
Shut more close together.
3 cleared pistons accumulate carbon, eliminate explode shake.
4 cleared 3 yuan of catalysis implement accumulate carbon to make exhaust obstruction smaller.
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