Excessive clean premature senility of car lacquer face

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Excessive clean premature senility of car lacquer face

if bathe,as people the time passes frequency, the likelihood causes the skin dry, ageing reduces the resistance that answers outside bacterium possibly even same, car giving love " bathe " if the frequency is overmuch, same meeting brings about the premature senility of car lacquer, the position such as bottom of railroad car motherboard, door is initiated even after period of time rustily decay.
All car hairdressing inn are inevitable, wash a car to nod in edge of a few streets of course more serious is: The silt that repeats carry secretly of use the dishcloth that wash a car can cause cut to car lacquer, these petty nick are in of nightly street lamp beamed below most apparent, be weighed for sun spot. Sun spot one serious, the brightness of car lacquer also dropped. Perhaps car advocate people can say, want to add shine to wax then. This brings about another germ of car paint ageing just about: Too frequent wax.
No matter be polishing candle or it is glazing candle what more or less have fixed rate to lacquer face is abrade, wax too frequent, lacquer area is smaller and smaller also, influential to lacquer surface color or burnish.
Proposal: Prepare a feather duster like full-time driver, placement small ash is solved with it, can reduce the number that washs a car greatly. Also want caution with duster whisk ash of course, avoid cut paint. Fall normally below grey circumstance, 10 days wash a car sufficient. As to wax, if choose the waterproof candle of more lasting effect, a quarter or it is half an year is hit also be no problem

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