Must not be economical car is not wasted with high-grade lube!

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Must not be economical car is not wasted with high-grade lube!

Choose lube correctly to be able to prolong engine life, reduce the breakdown of engine. But does average car choose high-grade oil to be wasted?
Use motor of slow down of same brand lube for a long time " anile "
Choose lube to use advanced course lubricating oil as far as possible, be like SL class or SG class. Next, choose common engine oil according to the different situation of the car again (mineral oil) , synthesize engine oil partly or be complete synthesis engine oil. Determine the viscosity order and degree of lube according to environmental temperature and seasonal change finally.
Specifically, choose as far as possible not the lube under oily grade of the outfit at the beginning of former plant. Make choice of does not change easily as far as possible after a brand, the lubricating oil that uses same brand for a long time has profit to engine. Consider use model even at the same time, if be economy car, can choose the engine oil of SG class, if housing card red is fond of force,be the lube of this level.
Intermediate the half synthesis engine oil that the car can choose SL course or mineral engine oil, had better use the complete synthesis engine oil of SL class as to high-grade car.
Synthetic engine oil is better maintain car
To intermediate the view that the car chooses advanced complete synthesis engine oil is a kind of waste, concerned expert denied this kind of notion. This expert expresses, level jumps over tall lube, its are lubricant protection can be better, life is longer, can provide better protection for engine already, can lengthen protective period effectively again. So a few more floriferous money, obtain outstanding and abiding engine expression or worthiness.

Do not know what view everybody has to using lubricating oil?

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