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Key word: Maintenance repairs a car to maintain

Fosan gets grand car to change Chen Peihua of controller of assembly parts company to tell a reporter, the key is to should promote a car advocate the quality that use a car, cannot be opposite the proposal that maintains trade blindly always follow sb's advice, can be undertaken be maintaininged needlessly by misdirect otherwise. Every car advocate should master certain car to maintain ABC, reduce maintenance con again and again patronage. Many readers point out, charge of vehicle maintenance and repair occupies the life to consume pay scale to grow day and day. The car regards high-tech as the product of content, car advocate with maintenance business

Clear message exists between not quits, below the circumstance that superintends in car a replacement and upkeep costs lack, what the interest is damaged is consumer from beginning to end. They appeal safeguard car vehicle advocate the byelaw that maintains rights and interests should come on stage as soon as possible.

High cost and safe hidden trouble become a vehicle advocate choice of be in a dilemma

The competition of the market after carry out is more and more intense, hit on the weekend even in holiday " free " , " privilege " banner, become maintenance factory to contend for the main measure of passenger source. Have really so much free lunch?

Mr Chen introduces, every other period of time, car business invites a car with respect to what can pass enthusiasm of short message port advocate come round to undertake all sorts of detect freely. Similar Mr Chen is invited so again and again the phenomenon of patronage maintenance shop, not be a case. Numerous gens having a car all expresses, a lot of cars advocate after driving the car to maintain inn, meet bum detects transaction. The staff member tells a car politely advocate, what component will appear easily breakdown, you can choose to maintain or cross reentry of period of time to be maintained all right. A few cars advocate often detect freely in what enjoy maintenance factory to offer " lunch " hind, detect in the analysis of technical staff exaggerate sth just to scare people below the report, frighten so that draw out a purse at once. Numerous car advocate often face those who maintain a dot to detect the report is woebegone, car advocate always be between high cost and safe hidden trouble, hesitate. Many cars that had had maintenance experience for many times advocate point out, a few services that avoid man-hour cost, also make charge on the price of fittings.

Change an aerial ask a price 3000 yuan

Ahai is opening a day to fasten sedan, it is after as intimate as the tree of the top of head contact, aerial remains half only. A Hai drives the car the inn that answer 4S, be informed unexpectedly their product library does not have onefold aerial fittings, should change must change whole antenna system, all maintenance change charge needs 3000 yuan. A sea feels this price is too unusual, entrust a friend to match the market to buy aerial a replacement in the steam of Guangzhou then, spent 140 yuan to buy a former plant to import fittings only finally. Many readers point out, spend a few minutes to change a brake bulb only, fittings charge 10 yuan of ~20 or so yuan, man-hour cost is as high as 200 yuan however. The reporter understands in interview, the very severalfold phenomenon that cost of this kind of man-hour is hardware fee is not rarely seen.
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