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Bargain in the Amoy teach you buy a good car value used car

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Buy a used car, but also cheaper and also a good vehicle condition, you may wish to buy "over gas cars" on open. Because second-hand car market, stop or about updating the "breathing" model is at its peak than the same grade of much cheaper models. Second-hand car market now, Sail, Palio, Xiali 2000, the old models Outlander, golf, GOL and other models is one of the representatives. Cheap cars with the half cut-off grade of car With the level of models, cut production cars and trucks in the price of second-hand car market a large gap, even up to half as much as the highest. For example, as the prototype of Toyota ECHO Xiali 2000 and Vios, Toyota NBC platform are born model, 03 years or so the same configuration of their 2 million price difference between models, but discontinued because of reasons, second-hand car market, 03 years of Xiali 2000, 3 million in general to succeed, and in 2003 the Vios can sell more than 5 million. Cheap used cars stop because, before the general model will be a significant price cut, for example, in 2003 also sold more than 120,000 yuan of the Palio Zhoumo Feng, former dealer in the cut-off fire-sale price of less than 70,000 yuan This directly led to the second-hand Palio Zhou Mofeng now miserable consequences. Select "over gas car" after-sales is the key To bargain, chosen to lead the gas car is a good idea, but a prerequisite is to have gas car accessories such a good buy, sale need not worry. Some cars stop for too long because, accessories not buy, will you use to bring no small trouble. Select the "air car", we must find a large manufacturer of products and retain a large quantity of products, or even the air filter when you find it difficult to find, when there is suffering a statement.
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