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Currency used car bargain of three rational bargaining Experience 4

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Used car transaction prices are generally negotiable and clearly the price of two, even the price tag does not mean that the final price, consumers still have room for bargaining. For this "space", to introduce several ways to see how you go to expand the space. Selected to buy a car, consumers can be the specific circumstances of the vehicle, combined with their price assessment, with car dealers or owners for price negotiation, until both sides are satisfied. On the price if the results do not match your psychological level, and therefore hesitant to give up and feel pity, and then to think it is best not to pay first "deposit", the "deposit" in order to avoid unnecessary disputes. A 4 Note: First, understand the market, know ourselves In the bargain, have to understand the market, self-assessment of the value of the car and their own psychological level, to know the prices by several cost components (such as cost recovery, sorting costs, profits, etc.), determine the car dealer can accept The discount range. Second, as much as possible for cash Although you can take installment buying a used car, but most vendors want to buy a one-time payment or as the Lord can pay more, if only for two or three percent of the down payment, it is difficult to get more in price discount. Therefore, if economic conditions allow, as far as possible in cash to pay all or most of the vehicle, this would both reduce the repayment pressure, can bargain more confidently. Third, shop around, rational bargaining Some consumers bargaining, the just-cut more than half the price the first to know Kuibenmaimai car dealers will not do, but seems unrealistic bargain prices they do not understand. Test methods can be used to understand why this bike to hold this price, which is the actual value, which is the profit value. Then similar models from other car dealers, compared with vehicle condition, determine its worth right. Fourth, take advantage of "virtual" Entering Take advantage of used car sales off-season, cars price, sell other owners time to buy an emergency, usually the higher the chance pick up cheap, usually 7-8 months late and is selling off-season, deserves more attention.
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