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Do more with less second-hand car market trading recommendations Beijing

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With the cooler weather, second-hand car market ushered in the longest one season each year, it can be said lasted from the arrival of September each year before the Spring Festival will be the second-hand car trading season, a relative, a large volume of supply and demand balance. Starting from this year to buy used cars in Beijing took place on relatively large population changes, the most obvious one is that Beijing's purchases of local users has grown rapidly, compared to previous years Beijing local user account for the total purchase of used cars between 65% -70%, up to 80% this year, during certain hours or even 85%, it can be said for local users in Beijing this year promoting the role of second-hand car market, "contributed." According to information of Beijing old motor vehicle market sector analysis, local users for Beijing this year, buying used cars are more good news, so the resulting volume is growing rapidly. First, the continued since March 2005 "temporary residence permit" policy, in the provinces and cities outside Beijing with temporary residence permits consumers to purchase vehicles and Beijing residents enjoy the same treatment, so the purchase of rapid population growth; Second, with the second-hand car The promulgation of circulation management approach car manufacturers and dealers have to participate, especially in Beijing, Beijing, old motor vehicle market in the second phase of the project to carry out a large number of new and replacement car dealers entered service, its trust from the consumer to be strengthened , while second-hand car industry supporting improvement of intent for the consumers to buy directly reached; Finally, a large number of new cars this year, the second car user or the user turned to buying used cars, new car prices frequently caused by the large number of customers "who currency to be purchased "and" indirect devaluation of fear ", so a considerable part of the user to buy second-hand car market," quasi-new car. " We are from the price space to the Beijing local users to buy vehicles made some suggestions, I hope in the buying process can "do more with less." ● 5 million or less room for second-hand car in this price, consumers mainly purchase of vehicles as the first "practice and the means of" use, and many more young people and working-class-based, space for the price to buy our used cars recommended to choose EFI, mainly small-displacement cars, these vehicles cheaper maintenance costs, such as the Fukang, Jetta, Santana, Charade, Alto, etc., should be avoided relatively carburetor models and options Some old and imported cars, one is environmental considerations, on the other hand is due to higher prices of old models of the parts, the latter is more expensive maintenance costs. ● 5-10 million in space, the price used cars used cars new car prices due to compression so there are a lot of new models, such as the Elantra, Familia, Excelle and other models, we recommend that choose to use two years some of the models, the relative price is more reasonable, new car prices the indirect impact of such vehicles smaller, some more mature use of lower-cost models can also choose such as POLO (quote; pictures), Elysee, Wei Chi, Fit, etc., more choice, the price is more reasonable. ● 10-20 million used cars up to new models this year, prices fell the most frequent is the space of models, so the used car prices are relatively more "chaos" is often a lower new car used car price difference frequency is small, so Buy this space must be optimistic about the model used cars and new car prices, considered a good "spread", select the more affordable models such as Passat, Jetta, Accord, Regal, etc. It should pay particular attention to is the time to buy Sometimes, when a large quantity of stock to buy cheap, try not to "just look for a model" can be carried out in a variety of price options. ● 20 million yuan in the domestic models of these models are basically the Audi A6, Toyota Crown, represented by BMW, there are relatively short with time, Nissan Teana (Sounds of Nature News, Teana speak), such as Toyota Reiz models, from a practical point of view, try to choose a higher share of vehicles, the same choice in the market for large stocks, the price is relatively reasonable, such as the Audi A6-1.8 Manual series around 2000, used car prices stable in 20 million or less, for some just "show up" models, but also cautious buying, after all, the price is a "decline in space", accessories, price is still relatively high. ● 20 million yuan, relatively speaking imported cars used car prices of imported cars "lure" the larger, mainly the larger the difference, such as the Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi and other luxury cars used cars a year to reach 20 million difference yuan abound, the purchase of these second-hand car key is to look to finalize the configuration of the vehicle models in order to "determine the price", such as the Volkswagen Touareg (Touareg news, Touareg speak) off-road vehicles into the Middle East version, Chinese version , North American edition, the European version, and so, with V6, V8 two engine, has an adjustable suspension and is not adjustable suspension, the room is equipped with a dozen, and not flying the spare tire hanging, etc., will have different configuration options the larger the difference, so be sure to buy when the price control model to understand, what you pay for. With the continuous development of second-hand car industry, more and more consumers choose a more pragmatic second-hand cars, used car industry is also the same law of development of the market is constantly moving in "more honest and more professional" direction, in addition to Beijing old motor vehicle market two new and replacement business district began to gradually scale new car transactions, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, Guangzhou Honda, FAW Toyota, FAW Volkswagen, Dongfeng Nissan and other well-known brand car business after another, imported cars in the Land Rover, Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, also began operations.
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