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Huangshan City started the second-hand car market rectification

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Huangshan City started the second-hand car market rectification

March 26, was held in Huangshan City, the city's second-hand car market rectification work meeting. Municipal Industry and Commerce business, public security, tax, financial, economic commission, prices and other departments in the city within the context of second-hand car market was officially launched special rectification actions.

According to reports, the improvement to the urban areas and counties all used-car market and business entities (including the distribution of used cars, auction, brokerage, appraisal and evaluation of other enterprises), focusing on strengthening management in the governance of unfair competition, and effectively protect used-car market operators and the legitimate interests of parties to the transaction. The business sector will be based on "further standardize the market order, second-hand car market for the healthy development of second-hand car advice" on the business license has been received do not conform to the conditions of the used car market opened and the used car market management entities, to order rectification within a time limit ; of the outstanding problems existing in the management of the market, according to the law to regulate the supervision and guidance of its management. Market supervision department is responsible for operating business units to implement various management measures to promote the construction of credit system; public security department is responsible for the transfer of registration of second-hand car trading inspect, investigate and punish for the illegal transfer of registration irregularities. Tax department is responsible for the "uniform invoice used car sales," the collection, use to check, investigate and deal with the illegal bills. Used car price department is responsible for market and service charges to conduct supervision and inspection, investigate and punish circulation of second-hand car prices in the illegal and arbitrary collection of fees.

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