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Oil price shoots up, line of business of car of change whole world grows orbit

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Oil price shoots up, line of business of car of change whole world grows orbit
  • Origin: Network of car of yellow hill city releases time: 2008-6-23 1:30:02

  • According to " wall street daily " reported on June 13, because oil price rises, mixed dynamical model to demand exceeds supply in the United States May. This article speaks say, the agency that sells mixture motivation model at present needs to press inventory of hour check the amount, before is to press a day to undertake.

    An agency of abundant cropland car says, in May end, acute of general of an abundant cropland this from enter storeroom to need 17 hours only to work off, but end needed in April 3. 5 days, and abundant cropland car needs petrolic of a combustion 25 days ability work off.
    Additional, the mixture motivation edition below Feng Tianqi Kaimeirui and Han Landa SUV are very popular also, work off mixed dynamical edition May Kaimeirui needs on average 3 days, end needed 13 days in April; Work off mixes dynamical edition Han Landa to need on average 12 days, end needed 27 days in April. "Pu Rui this market demand had exceeded us supply capacity. " · Mu En says Suona Yiliefo of spokesman of news of abundant cropland car. As a result of dynamical system special, certain part is produced can finite wait for a reason, pu Rui this the product line that waits for mixture motivation model is produced already can reach the limit, short-term inside cannot promote crop.

    Pu Rui this competitor -- the expression that this Tian Sai region mixes motor vehicle also not common, sales volume grew 16 % this year. To this achievement, the news spokesman Keruisi Martin of this cropland car says: "If we are produced can enough, sales volume returns meeting more. Sales volume returns meeting more..

    The mixture motivation model that American car brand produces although not as good as adversary Japan is popular, but sales volume amplitude is very apparent also. Ford car sells analyst tall to treat · to say more regretfully than Paasche: "The mixture motivation model that Ford produces is in sell like hot cakes, but the yield of Ford can be too finite. " he expresses, ford will roll out a series of new mixture motor vehicle December, in order to satisfy the market demand of constant growth, the Saturn below general motors banner mixes dynamical edition VueSUV very popular also. According to statistic, today 45 month, all mixture motor vehicle on American market inventory time that handles in agency is 23 days on average, and last year is 33 days even two months.

    May, gas price of the United States is 4 dollars one gallon, high oily cost makes American consumer abandoned the big platoon such as SUV and Pi Ka measuring a model, turn and buy the model that save oil, bring about sales volume of mixture motor vehicle to jump. Analyst computation, if buy,one mixed motor vehicle last year, need travel 3 years at least time, the fat fee ability below the province is quits and additional the paid cost that buy a car. But rise as a result of oil price, this time already shortened greatly, buy mixture motor vehicle to become more be to one's profit.
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