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Rescuing diary of lucky eagle motorcade (1)

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Rescuing diary of lucky eagle motorcade (1)
  • Origin: Network of car of yellow hill city releases time: 2008-5-19 8:15:53

  • "5.12 " when seismic happening, we also feel in Hefei shake feels. Immediately is informed a company to want to organize rescuing team to drive go to disaster area, my resolutely newspaper renown. There is kind of inarticulate in the heart afflictive, I want to be stricken be hit by a natural adversity friends to give bit of power.

    Visit follows me a, still have person of many 100 river the Huaihe River, and the car such as CRV, Telaka, jeep advocate, in the time that we are not in, comprise motorcade of the person that a Jiang Huaizhi wishs quickly, in 13 days afternoon at 6 o'clock, hurried to Chengdu.

    Time: On May 15 on Thursday

    Place: Wide yuan

    Face disaster, time is life. We hurry on with our journey continuously, did not rest. But after 13 days arrive at Chengdu, however because other be illogical in area road again, we can place is on call, what perhaps have arrangement is roundtrip area of periphery of Jiang Yan, Chengdu carries goods and materials and wounded person.

    Weather begins to improve, the road that heads for other heavy disaster area is progressively also dredge, we come to help today motorcade is more than 100 Che Zaimian this world, wide yuan, these a few disaster area run lane of Jiang Yan, Peng Zhou, assorted. Say additionally according to captain, we car of an eagle of a serious check of 40 a 20 luck wind, bright swords, luck, service already was finished build up, head for plain of short of Wenshui River, this is the message of a hearten letting a person really. Because of the short of Wenshui River after calamity plain all the time way is different, communication not free, want us to be able to go in only, the person that believe to have more injury is rescued. Pray more person recovery are restful!

    The motorcade group that I am in, be in today wide the line participates in yuan of – – Qing Chuan rescuing activity, main task is from wide yuan carry food, drinking water, medicines and chemical reagents and emergency treatment goods and materials the victim build up place. Blueness plain county, it is wide allegedly yuan stricken be hit by a natural adversity a the heaviest county. Concern has big aftershock to happen again, before setting out, captain also exhorts particular attention is safe in our travel.

    The car enters a county inside, road case is not quite good, have some of local road occurrence break, fault, the construction debris that some is collapsed to fall is blocked up on, although pass road to clear dredge, but narrow place is true not quite feel well. Enter a town, see the building becomes a collapse, with respect to what what I see probably 80% above building breaks down collapse, disastrous. The hurt person that still can see rescuer and armed police officers and soldiers are doing his utmost to rescue bury to fall in the building on the way. The victim of the escape by the skin of one's teeth that encounters all the way, not be expressional coma, it is heartstricken, see these circumstances, my tear within an inch of couldn't help...
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