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Auspicious bulletin is vivid to Sichuan earthquake deliverance become enamoured

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Auspicious bulletin is vivid to Sichuan earthquake deliverance become enamoured condition
  • Origin: Network of car of yellow hill city releases time: 2008-5-19 8:13:32

  • A few days ago, auspicious the series help somebody in danger or difficulty that after accusing a group news spokesman to produce major earthquake calamity with respect to Sichuan, auspicious group is having acts, publish a talk to media. News spokesman points out, after happening of the situation of a disaster, auspicious group passes fluctuation to start, those who aroused people of disaster area of minister of trade of broad cadre, employee and supplier, agency, service is great and enthusiastic, in business of auspicious headquarters, each big production base and each district agency, supplier, service, developing series deliverance and activity of relieve the people in disaster in the ascendant at present. Auspicious this deliverance activity, main by contribute money, donate blood to wait for 3 respects composition with contributory part car.

    News spokesman says, sichuan earthquake happens that day, auspicious accuse Yang Jian of a group president Li Shufu, president to call to understand the situation of a disaster to Sichuan, convey auspicious group faculty to be opposite about the branch to Sichuan province the condolatory affection of victim of and other places of plain of short of Wenshui River, immediately makes the decision that gives partial car to be used at forefront to resist calamity move providing disaster relief. The auspicious car dealer such as content returns Chengdu on the west organized motorcade, deploy drive personnel is hurried off to fight cavalcade of calamity, a gleam of providing disaster relief. Meanwhile, begin from 14 days, auspicious group and each base are started and constituent employee gets hurt for disaster area the brethren donates blood, eagerly donate blood the activity still is undertaking continuously in.

    News spokesman says then, answer call of the Party Central Committee, the State Council up and down in the whole nation, all the people of one mind, not Wei is hard, investment of do all one can fights calamity tensely to provide disaster relief the moment of truth with activity of relieve the people in disaster, auspicious announced on May 14, auspicious accuse a group to carry staff of business of agency, supplier, service, company to disaster area people first contribution 10 million yuan. Among them president individual contributes Li Shufu give 1.2 million yuan. Say " first " , mean the development that works according to the situation of a disaster develops and providing disaster relief, auspicious will make further deliverance move.

    News spokesman says, auspicious further deliverance action will include, according to objective need and actual demand, start " fund of auspicious future talent " and " Li Shufu teachs fund " , absorb disaster area student to undertake fostering taking advanced courses to the school such as institute of technology of Zhejiang car profession group by group. From " fund of auspicious future talent " since establishing, auspicious these year of adolescent that fostered a batch to wait for a reason and cannot go to school another batch because of poverty, make they are become have ambition, have knowledge, skilled useful talented person, some still becomes key member of business of of all kinds technology, get of social all circles extensive reputably. Disaster area student is aimed at those who start after believing this calamity " fund of auspicious future talent " and " Li Shufu teachs fund " , can make those stricken be hit by a natural adversity not only family especially their child is benefited personally eventually, also will develop the person with ability that more is badly in need of for the society.
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