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The general Xin Kai that fasten a gram jumps over Shanghai picture detailed solu

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The general Xin Kai that fasten a gram jumps over Shanghai picture detailed solution
  • Origin: Network of yellow hill car releases time: 2008-4-18 8:17:58

  • Shanghai is general on April 12 fastened a gram to release below the banner many newest model in Shanghai, the Xin Kai that gets consumer attention fully among them also is first degrees of veil that opens it more. Regard Shanghai as the brunt model of the car in home of class A of the general future that fasten a gram, xin Kai will continue to face market of car of economy family expenses more, of contented masses consumer buy demand. Care the friend that Xin Kai jumps over, the following reporter will solve Xin Kai to jump over a few characteristics on quality of charge for the making of sth. for your detailed, perhaps this meeting buys a car to yours decision-making help somewhat.

    One, exterior part:

    The car body gold that the Xin Kai that fasten a gram jumps over and lacquer face feel very outstanding character, cistern of brand-new straight waterfall type is lain between bar and do not overcome familial and newest design the style is same, more show atmosphere wind model. The frame of headlight, bumper, bonnet, cistern juncture all round is not apparent, the openly line of the model is very fluent.

    Modelling classics of the rear is redesigned too from hind more be able to bear or endure look, and nonexistent also between traffic tail light and end door apparent aperture, craft of integral Ban gold and old triumphant compare more more exquisite, changed completely before beautiful department brand is straightforward regardless of trival matters impression.

    The engine lower part that Xin Kai exceeds deserves to have two baffle, protecting chassis to won't be bumped easily, when passing pothole road surface especially be contused not easily by gravel spare parts, the car is on certain level advocate leave out trouble back at home.

    Fasten a model completely more in Xin Kai in, match 15 inches of tire that other model deployed 195/55 beyond edition besides 1.6L bottom, tire is offerred by brand of bright and beautiful lake.
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