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Dispatch of northward net car: Top class athlete is the talent's athlete certainly. Do not have gifted magical gene, light relies on acquired education, how does a chickling blossom impossibly also of eagle. The Olympic Games, famous general assemble, talent many, dan Liuxiang and Feierpusi, be in with them respective and feudal excellent combat gains, and the elephant of the Wang Zhe that temperamental day becomes, more the talent in be being regarded to be a talent by people!

Besides endowment, tough and the extraordinary self-confidence that these two talent athletes have and passion, tenacious character charm, not the courage that dread challenges, more they achieve the element with professional career indispensable acme. And these are idiosyncratic brand of as luxurious as the United States car Kaidilake " • of belief • creation is had " be identical of height of brand connotation as it happens, accordingly, the first selection of these two talent athletes drive, happen to coincide the ground is Kaidilake.

Liu Xiang: Man athlete of 110 meters of column

Have a model: Brand-new CTS, a Kaileide, XLR of a top class racing bike

Allegedly Liu Xiang still is in the cradle when like to do pedal leg to move, so that to step on,arrive alvine block. Make hurdle race athlete later, the half is coincidence, still having an in part is mystery of course is providential! Although before You Liuxiang is retentive 12 seconds the world record of 88 already was broken, but this affects compatriots to start brilliant confidence again to Liu Xiang none. And Liu Xiang whether create record, capturing champion again, also become one of be concerned about with this bound the biggest Olympic Games.

Him Liu Xiang is behaved very easily self-confident, this is according with his consistent style: Face pressure to be able to heal Zhan Yuyong. Allegedly at the outset Kaidilake the brand is medium this kind of self-confidence on his body and passion, invite him to regard a brand as the figure spokesman in Chinese area thereby, and given 3 his Kaidilake car, live daily as him and train drive.

Feierpusi: Swimmer

Have a model: Kaileide

People appraises this natant endowment that comes from the United States so: "If have a myth that belongs to a whole world, this summer that is in Beijing is expected by whole world place, this mythological maker is Michael Er • undoubtedly Feierpusi. " at present, he had gained the competence that joins 8 natant projects on Beijing Olympic Games, his target is sweep anything away the gold of all projects, become the mankind one of the project swims on athletic history " 8 gold king " !

Someone says he is too mad, but him himself however forever self-confidence is full. Groups this United States of 24 years old is small are certain that old well-known saying or ad saying: Without what impossible! This kind of energized feeling, only I alone honour imposing manner is with him drive -- the top class SUV with an euqally grand hill Kaidilakekaileide is very suit.
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