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The police does not know big star small shellfish to drive car of a person of ex

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Say interesting, after giving birth to 3 sons, the Ke Hanmu of British star shellfish of United States of fight in some places one by one became the one who tries not to offend anyone of an one hundred percent, not only annual exactly the amount hands in year of income of 48.8 million dollar, often become a driver for Victoria even. This not, before before long Xiaobei because of receive wife and was opened of 160 dollars punish sheet.

Zhou San, xiaobei is driving value millions yuan the Kaidilake of the RMB is stopped by cut of los angeles policeman from ave left abduct changes Feierfakesi to sunset highway. Original, this two aves are handed in collect be in do not allow left-hand rotation, small Bei Xianran did not notice traffic sign.

Pointsman tells Beikehan Mu, he will be fined 160 dollars, and meet by subtract driver's license 1 minute, otherwise he needs to go to traffic school learning. Bei Kehan Mu goes to traffic school accepting education without time of course now, he was accepted fine and buckle cent. Disclose according to a passerby: "Small at that time shellfish very the work that coordinates a policeman. I think he knows he violated traffic regulation. I think he knows he violated traffic regulation..

Actually, besides him Xiaobei beyond, his wife often also encounters similar awkwardness. Was driven last year at the beginning of two husband and wife, because small shellfish fame is outer, victoria also often by constabulary follow at sb' heels. Till later she drives the car to roadside, showed effective certificate to just be able to leave to the other side.

Actually Xiaobei this also is feel snubbed of ask for it, who calls him so high-key? Be in to go after individual character full street is the individual character that shows his on sunset highway of Kaileide, xiaobei is designed the Kaidilakekaileide him is gigantic endowment change one's costume or dress, not only amid joined more dynamical component and luxurious interior trim, will symbolize more the number of 23 polo shirt of his identity regards as on the car head that car mark imprints in this Kaileide, this is not obvious incur police. Fan says this is American police bully or cheat strangers, and look in us, be in charge of you is what big star, should offend only highway code, want be punished euqally, such him Xiaobei that respect property special also admire.
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