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4 kinds of when future may appear super vehicle

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In last century initial stage, already somebody improves present condition in the consideration with more energy-saving vehicle, list to everybody below car of environmental protection of a few future, like admire slowly.

The invention of the first car only then at 19 centuries 80 time, this invents the complete traffic condition that changed the world. Can who can think of, after more than 100 years today, it can become the heavy traffic in the city, empty temperament to measure exasperate culprit.

Government and relevant section once also tried to reduce this kind of pollution, improve congested traffic condition at the same time, everybody takes the call that had us to had seen then the activity of the subway, electric car, bus, but it seems that yield results is not big.

Be in actually last centuries are earlier, already the vehicle that somebody is considering to use new more energy-saving, environmental protection will improve present condition, these people are in all the time the notional car that devotes oneself to to design those environmental protection. Some designs had become reality, and some stay in design phase up to now.

List to everybody cars of a few more outstanding prospective environmental protection are designed below, like admire slowly.

1, fly train

The wind resistance that common train gets when travel and orbit attrition power are very great, consumed a lot of fuel for nothing so. A scientific panel of Tokyo university is studying a kind of new-style aerodynamics train, can solve this problem effectively.

This train looks more resembling is a plane, contain 4 aerodynamicses wing, still have two airscrew. When advancing amain, train is OK 10cm of tower above orbit flies, energy-saving and rate is rapid, speed per hour can amount to 500 kilometers / when.

2, train of solar energy wind energy

The row contains the solar battery housetop with one long end length near station platform, train arrives when station berth, the batteries of coping can be full of the electric power of below enough train arrival one station. If feel solar energy generates electricity insufficient still, dynamo of on a few wind energy can be added by, use solar energy and wind energy to be used together. This kind of train is grown into 85 meters by the design, highest speed per hour 350 kilometers, can bear the weight of at the same time 325 passengers, predict it can be thrown the earliest 2020 use.
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