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Nuojiya sortie automobile industry? Fact of true car of first model Nokia 1 is p

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Regard the cacique class of industry as the brand, nuojiya is having numerous proponent. Like the Nuojiya that the person of the card has Nuojiyapin to be able to be shown off more very much product, for instance all-pervasive N95, delicate atmospheric 8600, those who use feeling style 5300... also also can permit henceforth adding in order to be after this piece of list more additional kind product -- a car.

Although this listens,go up very resemble joking or be being fabricated, but Nuojiya rolled out a Nuojiyapin really recently the car of the card -- Nokia 1. By the Nuojiya that Ford bronco changes his costume or dress and comes the car looks this was full of Nuojiya style. It is in-house adornment no matter, the application that still is electronic equipment is not had showing thick Nuojiya style. Of automobile body in control stage and seat of in front of hind Nuojiya was installed on the back N800, the person that drive in order to go to the lavatory and passenger undertake simple office or recreation. In addition, nuojiya the confluence with admiral clever also N95 became close in automobile body. Whole car ases if one exceeds large WiFi facility.

We take everybody to watch the true car elegant demeanor of this Nokia 1 below.

Marked position made clear the car Nuojiya blood relationship

Car rear still enchased Nokia Logo

Back row passenger can use Nuojiya N800 watchs video

The integral match colors of airframe is revealing Nuojiya breath

Accuse in Nokia Automotive model of written characters indicates on the stage

Look down at Nokia 1 is in-house

This Nokia 1 did not put in the message of the market formally at present. Look from foregone message, this by the Ford bronco that product equipment crosses Nuojiya more resembling is Nuojiya reveal its the floating platform of mobile product. But we also can discover from which, each sort fastens the big trend with ceaseless and shirt-sleeve product and requirement. Perhaps we are in before long can leave really in the future on the car that Nuojiya manufactures.
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