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Is the car small insecure? Run quickly " demon " safe car

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The message says: Run quickly will issue the standard in next year most " small " brand -- demon (Smart) took China. According to the plan that its book, the price of model of Smart For Two that appears on the market at the appointed time also certainly will exceeds cars of a lot of intermediate business affairs, reach 240 thousand right-and-left level (the author estimates) .
The price of 240 thousand is truckload to this for the bub that length is equivalent to width of general and intermediate car only, be undoubtedly in eye of great majority person " mad " . After the structural automobile body that sees a video below and Smart when the author nevertheless, the author feels onefold to consider from safe respect, this price of 240 thousand still has what contain Troy certainly.

Of S Mart roll test video: What expect is less than is strong!

The structure of safe automobile body of Smart

Is the car small insecure? Run quickly " demon " safe car

Because the automobile body of Smart is too short, do not have put apart to;burst;ulcerate;fester almost on the dimensional design of car so shrink area. The A area in the graph is in besides responsible Smart in exalted collision outside the protection to cockpit and engine, the stability that still hangs a system to the front overhang in car travel is having not small contribution. B area is whole it is to rise truckload and rigid and of the design, not only from outside the data of gules tall tigidity that side can see bedding face is accumulated, and also can see those who raise automobile body stiffness from bottom " bridge " structure (hind the word says again) .

Is the car small insecure? Run quickly " demon " safe car Is the car small insecure? Run quickly " demon " safe car

Two pieces of pictures are the knot composition of a picture of cockpit interior above, rise to car whole frame with on roof two parts " the lock stops " for the beam of action, the expensive rigid stuff of car inside more be to maintain seat to secure grade to want a function design. Nevertheless, interesting still be from the back.

Is the car small insecure? Run quickly " demon " safe car

All structural member of Smart whole automobile body were concealed completely to be in automobile body is external in garnish, if not be,give incision that ecru case, return consciousness to be less than here face to have big implied meaning commonly. Normally for, for managing design cost is mixed production cost, general automobile factory designs two structures rarely. And in this piece of photograph, this Smart can see three-layer structure even.
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