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Detailed of suspension of much connecting rod is solved

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Car suspension system arrives from initial blame independence suspension independent suspension, derive a Maifuxun from inside independent suspension again next, the various sort such as double forked type, we introduce the most advanced design in independent suspension here: Much connecting rod is pensile.

Alleged much connecting rod is pensile, just as its name implies configures a hitch that is linked together wheel and automobile body through all sorts of connecting rod namely. And connecting rod amount just calls much connecting rod in 3 above, at present the connecting rod amount of the mainstream is 5 connecting rod. Accordingly its structure should compare double fork and Maifuxun a lot of more complex. We know, double forked suspension is to pass fluctuation arm of two A word control has fixed position to the wheel. As a result of A word control the arm can do the float of fluctuation direction only, can achieve trends to dominate the obliquitous end outside the wheel through be being configured to controlling the design of brachial length, the drill when raising a car to turn controls function. But to changing direction annulus and along with move annulus for, the function that the dip outside relying on to control merely will come to to get used to tortuous path place to rise is finite apparently. Be in four-wheel in fixed position parameter besides extroversion horn, still having toe-int part also is to affect tortuous path to hold the important parameter that accuse, like the dip outside how can you just resembling control so does trends control toe-int part? This double forked arm can be accomplished, but the performance that improve is very finite. Although double forked arm is pensile,very big design is had to be spent freely on the design, if want to control toe-int with double forked arm, normally the practice is the front joint that is linked together in arm of A word control and automobile body load softer balata lining.

Differ as a result of the stiffness of around lining when car turns, the wheel can change proper toe-int point of view to tortuous way way, if this kind of design is used at rear wheel, rear wheel can be followed below the action of transverse force move change direction, although this turns to angle very small, but still have what rise certainly to function. The point of view of alterable toe-int horn with can be achieved proper through designing the stiffness of balata lining and along with move turn to a function, but the first job of balata lining or the effect that have join suspension and isolation to shake, accordingly stiffness cannot pass low. This is built didymous and alterable toe-int and along with move the limitation that change direction, close can obtain a very small angle.
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