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The tectonic principle of CVT technology

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Automatic transmission is oily bad news high power has been well-known fact infirmly, to solve this problem, engineers had tried all sorts of methods. For instance, design economic pattern to automatic transmission, below economic mode condition, computer controls transmission to reduce the power output of engine with respect to the shift gears that finish when engine rotate speed is inferior, achieve the goal that saves oil thereby; Yi Ru, to automatic transmission design motion mode lets engine shift gear in high rotate speed desperately every power of extort engine rises truckload dynamical performance. But these are done not have from go up at all the tall power comsumption that solves automatic transmission and low dynamic problem. Because no matter be,use the sort of mode certainly will to be able to be opposite one of motivation and oily bad news make compromise. So, how ability from go up at all resolve this pair of contradiction? Going up when automatic transmission just is born, 80 time return the century is impossible job, had become reality now, dynamical sex and economy exceeded a hand to use transmission even. What orgnaization be so can magical? Was opposite, it is technology of CVT infinitely variable speeds.

Alleged infinitely variable speeds, the adjustment that just as its name implies compares linear of limits internal energy in constant transmission namely transmission comparing, theoretic be equivalent to having countless grade. Its structure is very simple, by two awl model dish with a steel piece chain composition. Awl dish namely two conic model dish a drive that combination forms to take V chamfer together dish. Pursue as follows:

Awl dish axial can be done to move below the thrust action of hydraulic pressure, extruding is firm piece chain adjusts with this the width of V chamfer. When awl model dish when inward side is mobile, steel piece chain is in awl dish the direction beyond heart of the Xiang Yuan below extruding (centrifugal direction) motion. Such, steel piece the disc diameter that chain drives increases, transmission changes than also happening.

Accordingly, without reach timing to be able to come true. Somebody can ask, only by firm can be the attrition force of chain and a V chamfer taken so that use the car that hefts a ton many? Actually, the car is in with the core technology of CVT steel piece on chain. It is not common chain. It is by the little steel of a lot of special appearance piece the transmission area that combine and becomes. If pursue:

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