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All sorts of electromagnetism a powerful person apply mediumly in the car

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If say 20 centuries evaluate the performance of a car, basically be to see it discharge a quantity to have how old, run so that have many fast; So 21 centuries, evaluate the technical content of a car, it is to see its automation degree have many normally tall. Introduce automata among the car, can reduce a driver to drive not only the fatigue degree of the car, still can huge rises to be mixed actively passive safety performance. Our commonnest automation system has: The electric gush of engine and ignition run a system, the gearshift of automatic gear-box controls a system, decide fast cruise system, ABS is prevented hold dead system in the arms to wait a moment. These are to use auxiliary driver to drive of the car, can raise safety factor of drive a vehicle namely, can improve driver work efficiency again.

Make automation, the thing that need is controlled and considers person head considers person head namely changed mechanism or computer is controlled. Since want to let computer is assisted or replace person head, so computer must can resemble a person same, want to be able to find the change of outside ambient namely, ponder over a the rightest control time and method, want to be able to express this opinion again come out, control each components to go according to his idea movement. In other words, want to let a car can want to be able to be done again namely namely, and still need very high reliability and very fast response speed.

In fact, between the car, normally 3 kinds of methods implement automation: One kind is mechanical, one kind is electronic type, still one is plant is mechanical electron Composite. Inchoate model uses rigid control to give priority to mostly. Because if develop today,electronic technology still is done not have at that time, large processor cost costly and function is low, cannot satisfy the need of the car so. And the automation system of mechanical, give priority to with vacuum control and hydraulic pressure control again normally. Former and commonly used the control at engine, because of the air inlet duct of engine medium vacuum is spent is those who follow engine rotate speed is elevatory and greaten, so he can the change of inductive engine bear, can urge controlled orgnaization campaign below vacuum action again, structure of means of this kind of control is simple cost is low; Hydraulic pressure control is multi-purpose among the automata at chassis, the our commonnest discharge that turns to the system that help strength to carry oil of control hydraulic pressure namely will achieve the goal that helps strength, means of this kind of control needs a hydraulic pump to produce hydraulic pressure difference, ability implementation controls function, the structure is so more complex, but control form is varied, use range is very wide.

Here, we basically know method of pilot of a few hydraulic pressure and method. Those hydraulic pressure oil path see the car be like complex, but the place that its principle and circuit have a lot of applicable to both or all. Look above all from system of whole hydraulic pressure, it needs hydraulic pump to produce pressure difference to be able to drive hydraulic pressure oil to move, need all sorts of hydraulic pressure canals to deliver these hydraulic pressure oil again, the pressure difference that uses hydraulic pressure oil urges servo orgnaization campaign, after was over, pressure reduces oil of the following hydraulic pressure again regurgitate hydraulic pump circulates so. very integrated like circuit? Hydraulic pump is equivalent to a dynamo, provide energy for whole system; All sorts of hydraulic pressure pipeline are like electrical wiring, use connection component and deliver energy; Servo orgnaization is like the load in circuit.
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