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Active safety is concerned with car itself not merely -- system of ITS intellige

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Is the active safety of the car concerned with car itself design only? Endless like that, the development core of system of our common on the road now ITS intelligence traffic also is to provide effective active security to car. At the same time state of can efficient travel of the car that monitor, be in accident keep within limits budding condition. Accelerate the construction of ITS, also be to the life safety of our driver oneself greatly advantageous.

System of ITS intelligence traffic is in early on century 80 time end. Had been in Euramerican and extensive gained ground. As the rapid development of network of Chinese highway transportation, and the overall construction of highway system, system of ITS intelligence traffic also begins stealthily walked into China.

Alleged ITS, those who point to is intelligence of one a complete set of is changed, the highway traffic project of network. Remember going up century 80 time, chinese car mostly travel is on provincial highway, have the idea that collect fees and manages hardly. 90 time, as the be open to traffic that countrywide country, gradually begin to create station getting fee in each a section of a highway, and of highway close change management to also begin budding. But the highway traffic in those days manages still with be being given priority to artificially. Arrived 90 time end as many national level of the freeway enlightened, the country also begins to change development to intelligence to the management of highway traffic system. The composition that introduces ITS system below and the development recent situation that are in our country.

The informatization of highway builds a be ITS main component. As a whole ITS has way of the following research:

1: Car travel brings full control

2: Traffic administration

3: Road transportation information hints

4: Traffic market

5: Improvement carries efficiency

6: Parking lot application

7: Accident calamity manages

Car travel safety is controlled is with raising a car the active safety of travel is given priority to. Adopt the active and safe system of car oneself, the road that cooperates highway to offer again besides, weather, the information such as wagon flow is achieved be on guard the purpose of accident risk.

Traffic administration, basically be the information management of pair of car and driver, include to save the couplet net of department of city registration of vehicles each, let a policeman can get car and driver information in time, this also includes viatic informatization construction, monitor is installed in each a section of a highway, circumstance of violate the rules and regulations of round-the-clock monitoring car, give to information of violate the rules and regulations record, the convenient branch that make a valve discovers accident hidden trouble and the investigation to the accident obtain evidence in time; The driver also can love the circumstance of violate the rules and regulations of the car to wait through network him understanding.
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