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New A6 of one steam Aodi should rely on 3 technologies to the competitor

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New A6 of one steam Aodi will appear on the market, the BMW in facing market of homebred and luxurious car is 5 department, new the challenge of imperial crown and Cadillac CTS, its should be 3 technologies to strategy: 4. Full-time of 2 V8 engine, Quattro 4 drive and MMI multimedia system.

Tell from the history that the car fastens, 5 department, new imperial crown has Ao Dixin A6 and BMW likewise far-reaching history. A6 is to depend on its inchoate the Ao Di of A6 original shape that enters China 100 China introduces A6 to become before mixing 6 years exclusive and homebred the advantage of luxurious car, had the heart of compatriots. And competitor not give the impression of weakness, BMW 5 department is early depend on its brand and outstanding chassis kongfu by people acknowledge, and the person that the name of imperial crown connects our father generation is very clear. Although Cadillac CTS is a boy that just was born, but the look that also drew many people because of its new design just about. Here, new A6 does not have what advantage.

Tell from exterior, although Ao Dixin A6 used new fund " big funny face " design, but the concept that still cannot shun convention of deflection of the Ao Di on whole. And see BMW again the modelling of accipitral eye design of 5 department, new imperial crown has 0 only. The wind block coefficient of 27 designs modelling and Cadillac CTS to see arris sees new model of horn, which appears unlike " big funny face " poor, accordingly, here new A6 also does not have what advantage.

Interior trim will tell, new A6 can install scuttle eventually. Can you be other competitor which do not have? Look again inside, CD of dermal seat, high sound, much dish, seat heats, these became DVD indication screen already inside luxurious car essential thing, its competitor of course all is had.

Additional, BMW is the same Germany character of 5 department, new the Japanese car of imperial crown is meticulous of degree and car of Cadillac CTS United States solid and sedate let new A6 do not have an advantage but character.

What does so new A6 take to answer its competitor? Was opposite, it is 3 technologies that the author mentions.

4. 2 V8 engine

4. The engine of 2 quantities is not novel, but also divide where to use. Use this to homebred car, became one of its window. Because new A6 will use this kind of motor, also make its become the platoon in homebred and luxurious car to measure top model. Than BMW 5 department is the largest 3. 0 litres, new imperial crown 3. 0 litres, cadillac CTS3. 6 litres platoon quantity wants big. Advantage is to have more powerful motive force, most high-power is the 246 kilowatt, biggest torque 430 Newton rice. Such motivation also is representing his to quicken function and top speed will be to produce luxurious Che Zhongzhi too most.
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