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Give swift big discharge safety design of 8 scrutiny automobile body

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Before a few days, CHE168 editor has opportunity bring into contact with one has been torn open to solve what leave white automobile body " swift safety car " . Considering now on Beijing driveway at a gallop swift model amount to is not little, but unlikelihood a few cars advocate the opportunity has seen him drive such " expose " case, the picture that takes at that time here so gives reveal come out.
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Today's leading role: The swift model that Chang'an bell wood produces.

Tie a company as a day, the bell wood design in aspect of automobile body security also fastens enterprise close with other day, those who use is to be able to;burst;ulcerate;fester likewise shrink automobile body safety design.
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The La Zi in the graph: Prevent bump suck can pass power division
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The interior of automobile body carling of swift and ala child board of the part strengthen structural design.

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Of swift before bumper is two steel tube, next transverse and direct link arrives on automobile body carling. Nevertheless the author thinks, if there is an amortize to;burst;ulcerate;fester again between bumper and carling,shrink is the design of the area more can a few more appropriate?
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